4 Reasons: Why the Dedicated Server is best for Ecommerce Site

In Dedicated hosting, clients are assigned separate dedicated server that’s not shared with anyone else. These are just the perfect choice for sites with a high volume of e-commerce transactions. Here’re a few compelling reasons for that.

Dedicated server hosting enables you to have complete control of your server right down to the root systems. With this hosting, you’re allowed to configure the provided hardware for the best results and even install any software that you want. However, it needs you to have some technical skills so that you don’t end up disrupting your own business.

Despite being the costly option, dedicate hosting offers great benefits. Not only you can install & customize the complex applications, but also you can change hardware & software settings to get the best performance. To improve the security of your site, you can even install the security features or utilities that’ll, in the end, protect your business and customer data.

Almost all types of businesses prefer dedicated servers, and it’s the best option for you to get along with in case your website received a large volume of traffic. Whether you have a team for that or not, but managing your servers is quite expensive. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s essential to get the managed hosting.

The best part, dedicated server – as the name implies – is dedicated to one company and not at all shared with any other client/company. With this, you can easily choose and customize tools dedicated to your website & applications. Strange but still many companies and websites having a large online setup aren’t convinced on getting the dedicated server. Therefore, here’re a few reasons why it’s imperative to have the dedicated servers especially for the e-commerce site. So let’s dive in;

Enormous Storage Space

With a dedicated server, the benefits are endless. Unlimited storage space is one of the prominent benefits, which is essential for the e-commerce website as well. So to keep your website functioning without any problem, the data center enables you to have a huge transfer of data along with the superior supply of RAM and powerful CPU. So you don’t have to worry about the server storage when it’s time for the business expansion. Take an example of Naqad.pk, online shopping site in Pakistan with cash on delivery facility, which is hosted on a fast and powerful hosting of 1&1.

Uninterrupted Network Connection

When it’s about the network connections, nothing’s better than the dedicated servers. Websites hosted on dedicated servers never get hindered no matter how much the traffic is. So for sure, the dedicated servers are just amazing when it comes to handling huge traffic flow while keeping up with the maximum server uptime. That huge traffic increases your sales as well as generates great revenue for your business thereby compensating for the expenses of dedicated servers. Fair Enough. Right!

High-Level Security

The dedicated server is normally located in one of the hosting company’s data centers. And the host is supposed to facilitate with the security for both the physical server as well as the data center network. At the reputable data centers, the server environment is monitored with software & surveillance cameras, detection alerts, and routine checks by engineers.

From the premier host, you will get the options like spam filtering, SSL certificates for automatic encryption, and much more. So with the dedicated server, your system is protected against the cyber-attacks, and all the financial & customer data is secure.

Flexibility and Customization

With a dedicated server, you have the opportunity to create a unique website experience from scratch. Not only it allows you to choose your operating system & applications, but also it enables you to create a user experience that competitor sites can’t even imitate.

To stay ahead of your competitors in the current market, you can further change and optimize the look & performance of your site. Perhaps that’s the reason why a dedicated server is known to be the best when it comes to adopting new technologies and keeping up with the consumer trends.


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