All you need to know about Rubles Investment

Here where there was a question about investing 300,000 rubles to earn? The answer will depend on how much you want, and how much risk you are willing to go into to get it out of your money.

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Bank deposit

If you were given groups hard work and considerable difficulty, and you do not want to risk it for nothing, then the best option would be to resort to the bank to open a deposit. Such a method will allow you to earn income in the range of 7-9% a year and make a profit or on a monthly basis, or at the end of the contract period.

This option is good if you have absolutely no risk – if you choose to cooperate with the bank, which is DIA, your money will be safely stored by the state. For high stakes years recommend choosing a deposit with a duration of not less than one year, this capitalization is best, and along with the ability to recharge, you can gradually increase your profit.

Fora Bank has a deposit of “888” with a yield up to 8.88% per year. You will need to invest from 88 thousand to 3 years, can be replenished and allowed early termination of contract on favorable terms;

A maximum contribution of income up to 8.65% will be offered to pudding card holders at Sovcombank “. There is a need to invest from 50 thousand to 3 years, there are variants with completion;

Bank Tauride recently appeared for customers program to achieve the current “Taurian maximum (online)” yield up to 8.3%. The amount of 50,000 rubles accepted. Do you have a debit account \ card in this company and need to register in online banking for over 2 years;

Europe Bank credited with offering its customers the “best 3-year offer” with a maximum percentage of deposits up to 8.3%. Payment – 100 thousand to 36 months, application ukontsa 2018 can be submitted. Important: To get the maximum yield, it is necessary to issue a promotional code on the portal;

INTERPROGRESSBANK and its product “New Year’s Maximum”. Here you need to calculate profitability of up to 8.25% per month for 12 months to make at least 10,000 rubles.

Moscow Industrial Bank – It is worth paying attention to a deposit “classic” with a yield up to 8.25% per year. It takes 30 thousand 1.5 years from payment at maturity;

Renaissance Credit Bank is a “profitable” proposition with the same standards.

Received Income Contribution:

Apart from this it is necessary to make out some tips that financial organizations can offer you:

Metal accounts – This is relatively new for our country type of investment, which only started to gain popularity among the public in the last year. This option is suitable for people who want to invest in precious metals, but it is, it is to be stored somewhere that does not want to get the bars needed, pay rent safely, pay sales tax, etc. Chi – a unique Products that allow you to purchase “virtual” precious metals with regard to quotations, and to make money when they swing;

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Complex Deposit – This proposal, which combines a traditional deposit and parallel investment in Collie or NCW, ie purchase of an insurance policy. When you make two products at once, you get a higher yield,

BFL – A federal debt bond, securities issued by the Russian Ministry of Finance. You can buy a bond and get paid according to the specified percentage over a certain period of time. Everything they are well protected, is simple and reliable, uses our state money. Work longer than 30,000 rubles, take your coupon income higher. How to buy, described here.

Start a business

If you do not think of investing money in fancy bank, then we recommend you to invest in yourself and your business. Of course, if your own business is a lot of risk for a beginner, but with a mind to come into your organization, then a year later you can completely “reclaim” their original capital.

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In that case, if you have a problem fixing the area of ​​activity that attracts you the most, you can use ready-made business projects, or buy a readymade business.