Developing IT with Blockchain Help for Businesses

Blockchain is the distributed ledger, open and immutable, used for recording financial transactions. It is the technology of the future, the sure-fire way to keep a decentralised system for your bookkeeping and asset storage. Combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning it opens the doors to the future but do they lead anywhere? This is the question that most of the people ask.

Developing Smart Contracts

To understand whether there is a definite direction in the blockchain technology, let us examine the work done by some of the leading service providers. Among the top blockchain companies in US we see Leeway Herts in India providing intricate blockchain solutions to its customers. They offer three distinct branches of blockchain services. One is the Smart Contract development that is almost expected development of the blockchain because it is what people expect. They want the contracts to take care of the execution and not be bothered by the management aspect of the business.

The other big one is the enterprise blockchain. It helps to migrate existing technologies using R3 Corda, Hyperledger, and Ethereum. The implementation includes Proof of Concept integration that helps to increase the success rate. Their third branch deals with decentralised app development. They have more than 10 years experience in Web Front End, Mobile Apps, and Smart Contract development.

Use for Web Design and Marketing

Resetting the latest IT trends the pragmatic group of blockchain developers from Sphinx Solutions offer services for mobile app development, ICO development, Web Design, UI & UX design, Digital Marketing, and Chat box development. They also offer services related to analytics and Big Data for companies. Though they have only 8 years of experience, they already delivered more than 500 solutions and have 150 happy clients. They have everything you need to develop your business based on blockchain. You can say they are one of the best blockchain companies today in India.

Another big company in central India is Cyber Infrastructure. This company has a 300% growth rate and are a CMMI level 3 certified company. They are Microsoft Gold partner and Joomla sponsor. Based in Indore, CIS got its online presence in November 2003. They offer Blockchain development, Oracle development, Java development, Open Source development, and AR/VR solutions.

IT in Africa

You can use their services for Testing Automation and Cloud Solutions, for managing Business Processes, SAP solution, and Microsoft Solutions. They have offices in 5 countries and opened their Johannesburg, South Africa in 2016. The next year they opened two offices in the US and in the same year became the qualified vendor for Madhya Pradesh, Agency for Promotion of Information Technology. It has offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, and LA.

Enter the next big name in IT, Quest, GLT India. They offer IT service with relevance to many fields such as healthcare, real estate, education, e-commerce, and finance among others. They are a Top Rated Development company and a Top Mobile Development company. They do Web Research and Web Development services for their clients. You can get services oriented to business development, CRM, or Social Media Marketing.They also offer cryptocurrency development services.