Industrial Waste Incineration for Production of Energy

An incinerationis an approach in which waste is burned or incinerated for production of energy. It is a type of technique used all over the world for the treatment of waste, so that waste can be reduced by 99% and the ash is collected in ash collection pit. Dumping of waste in landfill is reduced by this combustion process. Energy can be generated into the form of processed vapour or electricity.

Advantages of incinerating the waste-

  • Smaller equipmentis required for Pyrolysis technology.
  • Sludge formations, liquids and solids can be treated with the help of incineration.
  • Very less production of emissions.
  • Maximum up to 3% of the residue is generated.

Organic industrial wastes can also be incinerated. Detrimental and hazardous waste is generated from factories or industries which can be harmful to people as well as the environment. Various hazardous waste producing products manufactured in factories include household paints, phones, televisions, detergents, cosmetics, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, gasoline, computers, garden pesticides, etc. Hazardous wastes for the environment can be in various forms like contained gases, solids and liquids.

Regular disposing of hazardous waste into the landfill results in seepage of this waste into the groundwater, in turn, polluting it. Our main source of drinking water is groundwater, so it needs to be protected. Here, industrial waste incinerator come to rescue and reduce waste to a greater extent, and thus, decreasing the amount of waste to be disposed of in the landfill.

Anincinerator, like stepped hearth incinerator, treats waste in high volume and the waste can be continuously fed into the system. It is designed with extreme quality destruction technique for waste disposal.

Benefits of Stepped Hearth Incinerator:

  • Cyclonic design is sophisticated
  • Easy in installation and maintenance
  • Superior oxidation of combustion products
  • Apt for remote installations
  • Improved mechanical turbulence is encouraged.

Portable containerized and small incinerator options are also available for the treatment of best medical waste incinerator. The portable containerized incinerator has a modular design which makes them effortless to assemble anywhere. With multiple chambers, waste can be incinerated efficiently. Small incinerators consist of dual chambers for use in small industrial plants.

Various technical characteristics of equipment:

  • Operation is easy
  • Loading is easy
  • Variety of models from 300K to 10000K/day
  • Height of loading is very low
  • Options of ram feeding
  • Grease leakage is not there
  • Long-life durability
  • Temperature management control is automatic for achieving maximum efficiency

The residue collected in these incinerators is mainly inorganic substances, which cannot be disposed of. So, this minimal amount is deposited in the landfill. High temperatures in incinerators destroy harmful pathogens as well as toxins.

There are some disadvantages also if you do notuse good quality incinerators like:

  •   Environmental pollution due to the release of gases
  • Consumption of power is too high resulting in expensive combustion

Because of mainly two disadvantages mentioned above, you need to buy a good quality incinerator for your industry which reduces hazardous waste in turn protecting people as well as the environment.