Useful Tips To Organize An Art and Marketing Show

When you are an artist, there are always art shows to either put on, participate in, or attend. They are a part of surviving as a professional artist. Doing art shows is a part of the artist’s commitment to their art. The artwork has to reach the public. So it need to be conveyed and spread to the folks through marketing. Here are some tips to organize an art and marketing show.

Planning How, Where, When and What All Is Involved

Planning is the initial step to start any project you want to execute and get outcomes from. The questions like the how, what, where, when, what all is involved urges to hide our abilities as artists. After all, we just want to produce our work, right? We don’t really want the task of getting the work out there in front of our audience. Well, who else is going to do it for us….if not us? True, you could hire some technology guy behind a website to, but that takes a lot of money, and as artists, we may not necessarily have that kind of dough. Get access to technology you use like iPad hire .

In this hub, I will try to touch on various things to consider when you want to run your own art show and sale. You will probably have ideas of your own also. It can be done. The first thing to do is to establish the dates, allowing time to have some promotion materials printed.

Creation and Organization of the event:

Trying to create or organize an art show can be very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. It was a challenge for me. However, I had a lot of help and by following these tips and steps, you’ll be putting on an art show in no time!

This is a checklist of things you need to think about when putting on your own art show.

If you take the time to prepare up front your show will come across as slick, well organized and professional, which in turn gives potential buyers of your art confidence.

Execution Of The Idea:

A few days after that I came up with a name for the event, with a little help.

The poster for the event was designed by another dear friend, paid for, and then it was finally posted in my art page.

Upon posting, several other people came forward with a desire to help out in some way to the success of the show.

I thought a lot about the movie called Field of Dreams that I watched several years ago. There were days that I wondered if I could physically get enough work ready for this event. It has been quite a journey over the last year, with various setbacks, but I set out on a course to accomplish a goal.

Here are some tips that I can pass on to you that I have learned from the experience.

The Venue For My Art Show:

Cafes are great places to have art shows. Try talking to the owners. If they don’t have art on their walls, try introducing them to the idea. Not only will it make them look good (by supporting local art), you will have a place to exhibit your art. Try any place like local shops, libraries, restaurants and galleries.

Arrange for the material and equipment:

Try to research and get the material and accessories to support your event. A number of venues have their own material and accessories being used in the event. Get the best technology like iPad rental and tablets from several companies.

Set up finance and budget:

Write up a budget for your project.

Include in your budget: artists’ fees, project fees, overhead, advertising, printing catalog and invitations, shipping and handling, customs duty, framing, installing, lighting and opening expenses.

Putting on an exhibition can quickly add up.

Plan any new work that needs to be made.

Make sure your mailing list is updated and ready to go. Budget for postal costs.

I hope you fine this blog useful and beniffited from.