5 Charity Gifts to Lend With Helping Hand on Birthday

People love to enjoy the birthday; there are many people in the world who are much in need of gifting and getting love from the people. It is very common that people celebrate the birthday with a closed one, but this time does something different for them who really deserve happiness and love. The process of lending a helping hand to the needy people is the real act of kindness. It is also true that chocolates, mugs, teddy bears and such kind of things really bring the smile on someone’s face, but gift some special things that will be needed by the people.

Here are 5 charity gifts to lend with helping hand on birthday and they are:

1. Medical Kit for Everyone

There are many people who can’t even afford the basic necessities of life, so it will be better to give them a gift which will fulfill their basic necessity of life. In everyone’s life, the medical kit has utmost importance. You can give the medical help in the form of gifting. The medical kit is a wonderful way of helping the needy people. You can customize the medical kit that includes the painkillers, medicines for acidity, cold, cough, fever along with the other items like the cotton, bandages, antiseptic liquid, and such thing likes that. One can look for some NGO’s who are working with poor people who can’t afford the basic necessity if life. On the other hand, you can distribute such gifts in the slum area or you can gift medical kits and help them the people in the unfavorable moments of being unwell.

2. Yummy Creamy Cup Cakes

Every person love to eat a different kind of things, but some are unable to afford basic necessity, then how can we think that they will have some delicious dishes or sweets. So, on your this birthday, you can delight the needy people with the yummy creamy cup cakes. It is really a cheerful way of bringing a smile on the face of people who are in need. You can also look for the yummy online cake delivery; it is really a great way of making everyone happy. Moreover, you can also try gifting the cake pieces to all.

3. Food to needy

If you want to celebrate your birthday in a great way, then the best option is to serve the food to the needy people. It is one of the cheerful ways to delighting the people with happiness. You can serve any kind of food to the needy people. If you don’t know about the places where you will get the needy people, then either you can contact NGOs who are working for the welfare of needy or poor people or you can go to a slum area, where you can serve the best quality food to the people.

4. Clothes and Blankets

The winter season is the toughest part of the year for every person, but it will be harder for the unprivileged kids and for every needy people. If you really want to do charity, then do something that will add little comfort in the life of needy people. So, if your birthday is in the winter, then make their tough time of the year a little bit comfortable, you can choose the idea of gifting the clothes and blankets. It will be highly appreciable if you look for warm clothes. If you feel to give some kind of gift, then either you buy new sweaters, jackets, and blankets or you can look up for the sweaters, clothes, and blankets at your home that you are not going to use anymore but it all would be in good conditions.

5. Sanitation Kit

Most of the people are not aware with basics of sanitation and hygiene. Hence, it will also be a great idea of gifting the sanitation gift, it will be a great option to help the society to be clean and live a healthy life. In the sanitation kit, you can include the hand wash liquid, set of bathing bars, moisturizing lotion, cloth cleaning detergent, cleaning tools, cotton roll, nail cutting, dustbin and such kind of things. You can send birthday gifts to the needy people online as well, for that you can select some helping centers.

These are the 5 charity gifts to lend with helping hand on birthday; you can select any gift idea to do charity. Do something different on your birthday that will bring a smile in someone’s face.