6 Party Decoration Ideas with Flower Arrangements

Flowers are most pretty and delicate creation of god almighty. Flower’s presence can grace any
space of the venue. Flowers are available in wide varieties and are extensively used in decorating the
party events. And because of this reason it has become a flourishing business of growing flowers
commercially. With the help of flowers unique decoration are done in wedding, engagement, bridal
shower, baby shower etc. Here we have Party Decoration Ideas with flower arrangements.

1. Gorgeous Containers

This is one of the most wonderful ideas to decorate the dinner tables at the party venue. You can
take pretty flowers like hydrangeas, peonies, roses and lilies and decorate them in various
containers like tins, cans, soup turteens and other designer and unused tea cups. These containers
can be selected according to the color coordination used in the party. These simple yet beautiful
containers would make the dining area look more beautiful with its presence. You can also place the
tall stem flowers in glass bottles; this would make a nice floral decor for a party.

2. Use Vegetable as Flower Pot

You can be creative with your floral decoration for the engagement or anniversary party. You can
buy lilac and lavender flowers and stuff them inside the violet cabbage. If of all you need to make
the cabbage hollow from inside so that it is possible for flowers to stand inside. This is a very unique
idea and will look best if you have decorated the party venue in pink and purple contrast colours.
While using this floral arrangement you can also choose lilac veils for the party decor to give the
venue more pleasing look. You can various flowers from online flower shop as they have wide
variety of flowers and they are available at lesser prices than physical stores.

3. Paper Pom Poms

This is again a very unique and interesting idea for floral decoration of a party. Instead of using fresh
flower be creative and make coloured paper flowers and use them to decorate the venue. You can
make garlands out of paper flowers and hand them like buntings. You can also use these paper
flowers as the backdrop of the centre stage. This Paper Pom Poms will not only look beautiful but
they would also be cost effective as well as durable in comparison with fresh flowers. They can be
reused for another function too.

4. Fresh Herb Centrepiece

Sometimes the grass and the herbs make the flowers look more attractive. What I meant to say is
with the lush green leaves and stems a flowers looks more vibrant and pretty. So if you want a nice
decor for your party get herbs and grasses from your garden or from the florist and then arrange the
flowers and herbs together in a decorative vessel or even a kitchen bowl. This fragrant herbs straight
cut out from the garden will look so elegant when paired with colourful flowers. Send lilies on
demise of your relatives and send the message of staying strong to his bereaved family.

5. Flower on Water Float

If you want to make the party venue look beautiful and smell great go for this idea. This really very
simple you can collect different fragrant flowers like primrose, lily of the valley, jasmine, plumeria,
moon flower etc. You can cut their stems and place the bloom on the water. You can also pluck the
petals from the flowers and let it float on the water. You can use nice decorative bowls and glass
vases to make this floral arrangement. You can place this floral arrangement at the entrance of the
party venue or on the dinner tables.

6. Flower and Candle as Centrepiece

This is another amazing party floral centrepiece that would make the venue even more beautiful.
Take a serving plate and few bowls out of your kitchen and make this flower arrangement. You can
take big flowers are hydrangeas and dahlias and fit them in a single bowl and next to it place a small
candle. Arrange candle and flower alternatively and your floral and candle centrepiece is ready to
warmly welcome all your guests at the party. You can also take a stem flower and put it inside a glass
candle holder with lighted candle inside.

With the help of this pretty floral decoration you can have a wonderful theme parties for various occasions of your life and this flower decoration will also impress your gadgets.