6 Winter Games Ideas, that everyone can play with Joy

Its winter time and everything is too cold and snow covered outside. And our children can’t wait to play outside with the snow, but as everything is too blustery we cannot allow them to go out. So we have to dig into some indoor games so that they don’t argue to go outside and let them go out when weather is fine. We are here with the list of few winter games that everyone can play with joy.

Winter Hot Cocoa Picnic

 There would be chilly weather outside so even if there is heater at the house kids will feel cold inside. The kids would have argued a lot and engaged themselves in snow activity like building a snowman or play with the snow indoors. So after that the kids want to warm up and nothing works best like a warm hot cocoa. You can make them sit by the fire place and give them warm blankets. You can give them cookies and marshmallows for snacks and can make a faux fire near the blanket. All the kids would gather near the fireplace and spend a nice warm winter picnic chatting and playing.

Make Snowman Snacks

 If you don’t want to let your children go out, then you will have to engage them in any fun activity. You can call out all the kids and give them the task of baking snowman cookies. Obviously you are there to guide and help. The kids can help to with the ingredients and making shape of the cookie. If you don’t want to involve kids in making cookies you can go for other option of making snow man ice cream sundaes because making the sundaes is more easier. You can get ready-made ice cream scoops from the stores and ask the kids to join two scoops to make the snowmen.

Snowman Bingo

This is a fun puzzle like game you can engage your kids to make. There are two types of bingo word bingo and picture bingo you can engage your kids in any of the one. Get plain bingo papers and draw snowman body parts like nose, scarf, Hat etc… And later cut them down into several pieces, actually this work is to be done by parents so that kids can try to strike out the images on the bingo card, the one who gets all the words becomes the winner.

Build Snow forts

 If there not too blustery outside and your kids can play outside with the snow, let them go and see their creative side. You can give them a bucket and a rectangular planter box so that they can use the snow of the backyard or garden to make fine snow fort. This is easy because the kids need to first fill the bucket or planter box with the snow then invert it and apply pressure on it to make a fort like structure. Repeat it till the multi storey fort is ready. Buy gifts online for your kid’s friends so that they can surprise them after winter vacation.

Snow Graffiti

This is the best idea for all the art and snow lovers. The art lovers also want a large white canvas to draw and paint their masterpieces. This time they will have the largest white canvas that is your backyard covered with snow. You can give them large water spray bottles filled with different food colours, these colours wouldn’t even harm them and they can make a wonder graffiti on snow. Order chocolate online and treat your kid’s with it after the school reopens.

Pin the smile on the Snowman

 First ask the kids to make a huge snowman of their height or shorter than them. Once the snowman is ready give kids some treat and then start playing the game. It is so simple kids are to be blindfolded and asked to place the eyes, mouth and buttons in proper area to make the snowman smile.

There so many games and pastime activities associated to winter season like Indoor Snowball fight, Homemade Winter Cottage, Winter Bingo Game etc… Which can be played both indoor and outdoor?