5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Moffett Rough Terrain Forklifts

It’s hard enough to operate a forklift in a warehouse, storage facility or distribution center with a heavy load at the front, but when you throw a rough terrain into the mix, it becomes next to impossible. Even though the very purpose for which a forklift is designed is to carry and transport material from one place to another, yet doing that over an uneven and rough terrain can not only be difficult but downright dangerous.

Recognizing this challenge, forklift manufacturers have come up with rough terrain forklifts models in the past yet each one seemed to be lacking in one area or another. Managers couldn’t trust these forklifts to keep their operators safe and get the job done, which is why when Moffett introduced its rough terrain forklift series, businesses leaped at the chance to purchase them.  Moffett forklifts have always been a symbol of reliability and quality for material handling equipment all over the world and their rough terrain forklifts are no exception.

Before we discuss some of the reasons why choosing a Moffett rough terrain forklift is your only logical choice as a manufacturing and transportation business, let us look at which forklifts Moffett has been introduced specifically for rough terrain operations.

Moffett M-Series Rough Terrain Forklifts

Within the Moffett M-series forklifts, two models have been specifically designed for rough terrain operations.

  1. Moffett M8: With a lifting capacity between 2500kg to 3500kg and three-wheel drives, the Moffett M8 forklift is widely used in the application areas of building material, animal feed, agriculture, roofing and fire, and rescue services.
  2. Moffett M9: This forklift has a lifting capacity of 2700kg and uses three wheel drives. It is most commonly used in application areas of the poultry industry, defense services, and fire and rescue services.

Reasons for Choosing Moffett Rough Terrain Forklifts

Now that we know which Moffett truck mounted forklifts can be used in rough terrain application, let us take a look at some of the reasons why they are the only real choice to fulfill your outdoor material handling requirements.

  1. Safety during Operation: The first and foremost concern during any forklift-related operation is the safety of the operator and the crew at work. While using a forklift outdoors and over rough terrain that becomes all the more important. That is why Moffett takes care to provide all the necessary safety features for rough terrain forklifts, and in fact, strengthens them to ensure better protection for the operator in case things go wrong. Seatbelts, high visibility, and stainless steel structure are just some of the safety features that make the Moffett rough terrain forklifts worth using.
  2. Versatility: A word that is not usually linked with heavy and powerful rough terrain forklifts, the Moffett M8 and M9 provide flexibility in the field. Even for used Moffett forklifts, this holds true given that it is bought from an authentic and trusted retailer like Moffett Truck that sells Moffett forklifts all over North America. The 4 wheel steering capability of Moffett M8 allows it to move sideways and maneuver through tight spaces. That is why Moffett rough terrain forklifts are so widely used by armed forces worldwide since they offer better flexibility even in the toughest of operational environments.
  3. Cost Efficiency: This has been a key selling point for not just rough terrain forklifts but all Moffett forklifts, because of their truck mounting capability. This feature allows businesses to save precious capital that would have otherwise been spent on the transportation of the forklift separately from the material. But since the Moffett rough terrain forklifts can be mounted and dismounted from the back of a truck in under a minute, it means that businesses can not only save cost but also provide precise deliveries to their clients.
  4. Toughness and Durability: Even with all the safety features, the Moffett rough terrain forklifts remain one of the toughest and most durable forklifts to be used in the field. The Moffett M8 is renowned for its durability and excellent off-road capabilities. It has been used by the military for fuel and munitions delivery as well as for providing front-line support that includes bridge building, fencing, foxhole drilling, and field hospital erection.
  5. Operational Efficiency: These rough terrain forklifts are exceptional in improving operational efficiency for all sorts of industries. The Moffett M9 increases efficiency and reduces transport complexities because of its ability to work inside ISO containers, due to the all-wheel driveability. Moreover, their low working height allows them better maneuverability that is useful in working in confined spaces.

It is quite evident that Moffett rough terrain forklifts are the best choice for any business that requires outdoor operations while maintaining the safety of its operators and increasing operational efficiency as well.