What are the Most Common Moffett Forklift Attachments?

Forklifts have served as the ideal equipment-handling machine ever since their inception. There are an estimated 855,000 forklifts in the United States alone, and that should tell you all you need to know about how widely they are used. Of course, some types of forklifts are better than other types and that is where Moffett truck mounted forklifts come in. Most commonly used in the poultry, agriculture, and construction industry, these forklifts have revolutionized the way material handling is done.

They are ideal for urban distribution and because of their ability to be transported with the material, they save a tone of cost. Yet, there are times when even the original design and features of these forklifts do not meet your business needs. After all, all loads and equipment are not the same, nor are the working environments, which call for modifications and attachments that allow the forklifts to operate effectively in any given scenario.

Before we get to see the most common attachments for Moffett truck mounted forklifts, we need to know what attachments actually are.

What are Forklift Attachments?

When the original forks for an industrial forklift are not able to tackle the load or equipment it needs to carry, then various attachments are used in place of the forks. These attachments include a wide variety with everything from side shifters, barrel clamps and slip sheet attachments to paper roll handlers, container handlers, and pulp bale clamps. Where these attachments provide a boost to the load carrying capacity and capability of forklifts, it is important to note that there are certain considerations that need to be made in terms of safety, stability, and visibility.

Even the safest and stable forklifts, like the Moffett forklifts, are exposed to potential hazards if proper care is not taken while using attachments.

Here are the two most common potential hazards related to using attachments:

  1. If the weight of the forklift attachment is much, it will affect and reduce the truck’s lifting capacity.
  1. Falling or Tipover Loads. The weight of the attachment could also increase the center load, by moving it further away from the fulcrum point or balance.

The best way to reduce the threat of these hazards is by ensuring operators go through proper training and learn about the fork attachments, adaptation, and operation. Of course, staying with the recommended limitations and knowing the mechanical limits of the forklift and the attachment is a mandatory step to ensuring safety. Overall, attachments are a useful addition to the working of a forklift but only if the proper precautions are taken.

Common Moffett Forklift Attachments

Although Moffett forklifts are well equipped to handle a variety of loads and equipment, yet there are times when adding an attachment becomes unavoidable. Of course, there are certain risks involved in adding attachments to used Moffett forklifts but if you purchase one from authentic and trusted retailers, then that need not be the case. Moffett forklift retailers such as Bobby Park Truck & Equipment offer forklifts that are mechanically unharmed even if they are second hand. That is why it is essential to get the best quality forklift so that even if you add attachments, the risk of potential hazards remains minimal.

Now let us take a look at the most common Moffett forklift attachments.

  1. Universal Load Handler: This attachment provides a two in one combo of a brick grab as well as pallet forks. The grab is in a vertical position when the pallet forks are being used or when the forklift is being transported, but through simple hydraulic operations, the grab can be unfolded and brought down to a horizontal position. This provides flexibility and improves the efficiency of your Moffett forklift.
  2. Sod-Off System: This attachment is most commonly used in the construction industry and to transport turf. By using hydraulic reach forks and a folding T bar, the turf can be moved from the pallet to the site of delivery. The advantage is that the pallet can be retained and re-used.
  3. Reach Forks: If the load has greater dimensions then the reach forks are excellent attachments. Primarily used on Moffett truck mounted forklifts, the reach forks can be used to provide an extension to the primary reach of the forks or combined with an existing reach system. This allows the Moffett forklift to double its reach and carry loads with a greater width.
  4. Fork /Bale Clamps: This attachment consists of forks that are specifically designed to carry baled products, such as waste paper and cardboard. With the larger gap between the blades, the baled products can be easily scooped up and carried using a fork clamp.

Other attachments can be added to the Moffett forklift as well, including stackers, rotators, and carton clamps. Each of them provides a certain advantage for the forklift, but it is important to ensure that they are used safely.