Top 3 Future Trends of Taxi Industry

If there is an industry which has undergone significant transformation, then it is the Taxi industry. This past decade has seen some path-breaking changes in this Industry. With the advent of On-Demand Taxi Services such as Uber, Ola, and Lyft, the dynamics of Taxi industries have totally changed.

Moreover, the impact is of such an extent that it has demolished the traditional taxi services. The Services which use taxi booking app development solutions has surely proved its mettle by serving as a better alternative to the traditional taxi services. However, there’s an interesting question which arises here– What is the future of this rapidly changing industry? What are the future trends of Taxi Industry?

The future of taxi industry is unpredictable, there is a huge possibility that and we might witness some massive changes and trends which could transform the current state of the taxi industries. In this article we will deep-dive and discuss in detail about all the future trends and its impact on the Taxi Industry and the common people.

A Glimpse of Future Trends in Taxi Industry

We conducted thorough research and came out with the following trends which you could see becoming reality in near future.

  1. Driverless Cab Service

It may sound like a science fiction; but, driverless cars are on a verge of becoming reality. So, what is a driverless car? It is a car operating without any human intervention. With the help of AI it senses its surroundings to avoid collisions and with the help of a GPS Tracking it navigates to its destination. Sensing it as a huge business prospect, all the major companies such as Apple and Google are investing to build their driverless car. Waymo a subsidiary company of Alphabet is ready to launch its first Driverless Cab Service. Moreover, it is also in news that Uber is considering to partner up with Waymo.

Driverless Cab Service is more than just a fanciful ride. It comes with a plethora of benefits. Some of these benefits are shown below.

  • Less Traffic: Driverless cars can communicate effectively among each other and can find the optimal route preventing traffic jams.
  • Better Health: Traffic has adverse effect on health such as high blood pressure, heartrate, and anxiety. Less traffic would result in better health.
  • Increase in Safety: This will totally remove all sort of human intervention and hence prevent accidents caused due to human error.
  • Availability of Free Time: Driverless car will provide more free time to people as they no longer have to drive the cars.

Flying Taxis and Passenger Drones

If Driverless car seems like a science fiction, then what would you say about the flying taxis? Again, like the former it seems a distant dream; however, taxi companies have already begun to work on it. In a latest update, Uber plans to launch its flying car service Uber Elevate by 2023 for commercial operations.

Similarly, UAV (Unarmed Air Vehicles) or passenger drones are also being conceptualized and many companies have this project in the pipeline. Recently, the world’s first passenger drone took flight in China which would give you an idea about the fact that how close we are to witness passenger drone services becoming a reality.

Benefits of a Flying Taxi or Passenger Drone

  • Less cases of traffic jam on roads
  • High flexibility in travel schedules.
  • Reduction in operating costs of smaller airlines.
  • Increase in the number of arrival and departure points.
  • High speed travel as compared to road.
  • Saving a great amount of time due to less traffic and faster commutation.

Solar-Powered Electric Cars

With non-renewable resources depleting at an alarming rate, an innovation which uses the renewable resources as its fuel is the need of an hour. Solar-Powered Electric Cars is the solution which can resolve this issue. Solo Motors is the firm which is looking to launch its Solar-Powered Electric Cars by 2019.

However, we may not see these cars going in a full-flow due to lack of solar technology. But, with time when the technologies improve you will see significant improvement in their performances as they would replace the traditional vehicles which run on non-renewable fuels.

Benefits of Solar-Powered Electric Cars

  • Eco-Friendly: – Usage of autonomous electric cars can effectively reduce the carbon footprints.
  • Reduction in Noise Pollution: – Solar Powered cars make less noise than the conventional cars.
  • Energy Availability: – Since the fuel used here is solar energy, people won’t face the shortage of fuel. For nights they can charge their car batteries.
  • No Cost of Fuel: – Solar energy is free for all, so there would be a significant amount of cost saving.


Taxi industry has undergone a lot of changes and it seems that the near future won’t be any different. In fact, the future promises even more path breaking changes as technology would totally engulf this sector. Having said that, it is important for the companies who are working for these technologies to keep patience. Any faulty decision could cause heavy loss of capital; moreover, it would hamper the confidence of other companies too.

Let’s hope that all these future trends transform into reality quicker than expected. So, it can resolve all the existing transportation issues.