5 Ways to Use Instagram to Boost Your Business Sales

A mini black (or silver) box like thing. A reel. A limited amount of clicks. 90s kids know the struggle.

Clicking pictures at family events and school functions was a risky affair back then. You had to strike your best pose the very first time because it was also your last one. Only the lucky ones got a chance to get two pictures of themselves one click after the other. Because of camera reels. The maximum pictures that could be stored on that reel were 36 (as far as my memory goes). Today, we take 36 pictures just as a warm-up session only to delete all of them later.

Anyway, the scenario changed a bit with the introduction of digital cameras. No reels. No going to special shops to get the photos developed. You could actually view the pictures the moment you took and had the liberty to delete them on the spot. Naturally, this invention got everyone excited and people started investing in famous digital cameras like SONY Cyber-Shot. There was no longer a need to dedicate a cupboard to store gazillion hard copies of the pictures. Then came the era of mobile cameras that brought with itself the concept of digital photos. Smartphones and internet facilities like EarthLink Internet enable us to click selfies (a rather new concept for our parents) and post it on social media sites like Instagram at the same time.

However, Instagram is more than just a digital photo album. The site has provided a platform for many businesses to flourish. Following are some of the ways you can use this app to boost your business sales:

Compelling Images:

It is not what you hear that catches your attention but what you see that does. At least for me, it does. My eyes need to be pleased whenever I see something whether it be food or a picture of a famous holiday destination. Therefore, giving your audiences a treat to watch is necessary when it comes to boosting your sales.

A study revealed that 67% of the consumers consider images more valuable when making an online purchase than the product info or word of mouth. Hence, you need to put effort when clicking pictures of your products. Ask a friend who owns a DSLR to work his/her magic, add filters, and come up with creative and unique ideas to display your product. Do whatever it takes to come up with an artsy post. Because that is what people like.

 Make irresistible offers:

Don’t we all love a buy 1 get 1 free deal? Well, that is part of human nature. People are always on a hunt for sales, offers, and giveaways (a rather recent concept). You can even run contests to increase the followers. An idea that has been floating on Instagram for quite some time now is businesses asking the followers to tag friends and ask them to follow the account as well to get a chance to win a particular product. That is one way of earning more followers. Asking followers to use a famous hashtag and tag the brand on their pictures is another way of boosting sales. Offering discounts and sales to your followers is another way to up your sales game.

 Hello influencer- my new friend:

While the above two ways will increase your sales by a considerable amount, employing influencers to give honest reviews about your product plays as integral a part. Influencers have been dominating the social media for quite some time now. From celebrities to journalists to famous bloggers, you can ask influencers to post about your product. Influencers have a huge following and people take their word for whatever they say. The influencers will post photos or reviews about your product for their followers to watch. This will help your business by increasing the sales of your product(s).

Instagram ads- your next investment:

Investing in Instagram ads will be worthwhile, as it will help you to reach the new and targeted market. Plan your ads in a way that it reaches out to people that will be interested I purchasing your product. Include ‘shop now’ button on your ads to navigate the viewers to the online page so that they can make an instant purchase if they wish to.

 Flood the post with hashtags:

The more, the merrier. Yes, this holds true when it comes to Instagram posts. Unlike, Facebook and Twitter that reduce the customer engagement if more than two hashtags are used, Instagram increases the engagement of the followers and potential customers if you use more and relevant hashtags. Therefore, search for the trending hashtags related to your products and do not shy away from using them in tremendous amount because that is what will increase your chances of boosting sales.

If you have been struggling with increasing your business sales, I hope this post helps you to boost them. Remember that it requires tireless efforts and commitment to increasing the sales of a product(s). However, you should also not forget that the modern technology has made it convenient for you to manage your business. All you need is a smartphone (not always a very expensive one) and an internet connection. You can look for great internet deals using Frontier Internet prices and get going.

Author Bio:

Alex Brian is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. He loves beaches and bathing in the sun. That’s where he finds his inspiration to author in-depth guides that teach E-commerce store owners ways to manage, grow and scale their business. In a former life, Alex co-founded a custom menswear company which generates 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail.