Reason Why Gmail is More Popular then Hotmail

Email is a service in which messages are transferred from one end to another through electronics. Gmail and Hotmail both are email services. If we compare both services then we came to know that Hotmail is older than Gmail. Hotmail was started in 1996 whereas Gmail was started in 2004. Microsoft owns Hotmail which was renamed as outlook. Gmail is owned by Google. It is clear that Gmail was not the first email service but it is more popular than Hotmail.

The Gmail become popular because it first started increasing storage daily service. This means Gmail storage always increased by every minute. This is the first feature of Gmail that attracted the users. The second most popular feature was Gmail never deletes account, mostly all other email services deactivates email account with the deletion of all the emails in the inbox. You can say that these two features are the main cause of Gmail popularity.

As the time passes Gmail user grows with time. On the other side the Hotmail user start decreasing. The Gmail started offering more services in the email service. Another benefits of Gmail id is that, Google is offering many services and one single id of Gmail will be used for signing in all Google services. The inbox is very much user friendly. You can send and receive any email easily. Example: Assignment Help UK always email your task completed.

Gmail provides, label, tab etc. features in its email. Gmail supports most protocol for email client. It also have keywords and message size options. These many options attracts the user to use Gmail instead Hotmail theGmail GUI is more user friendly then Hotmail. Gmail also have basic version for low speed internet connection users. If you have slow internet you can instantly switch to basic version and you have faster internet you Gmail will load enhanced version for you. This is the good thing that Gmail is offering. Few years ago when other emails services offer 5 – 10 Mb attachment Gmail was offering 25 MB attachment per email. Another good feature is Google drive, you can use it to store you files, pictures, videos etc. You can also use Google drive automatically when your email attachment is larger than 25 MB.

The Gmail account is normally mandatory for everyone because android mobile are the most popular one. 90 % of the mobile users are using android phones. Every android user should have Gmail account. It is mandatory by Google. This is the biggest reason for Gmail popularity. Whereas on the other side Microsoft accounts are required by Microsoft mobile users but Microsoft mobiles are not much popular. You can say that Microsoft failed in getting space in the mobile market. They why mobile user have Gmail instead of Hotmail account.

The Gmail is now offering add-on for all the users. The user need to install add-ons in their accounts, this will provide you knewfunctionality easily at no cost because most of the add-onsare free. The Gmail chat is another popular service that is linked with Gmail. On the other hand if we compare Hotmail then we came to know that Hotmail is not offering these services. The services that Hotmail is offering has limitations. The Hotmail has one very strong point, its Microsoft office integrated in the email account but due to many Gmail feature Hotmail does not make huge impact. The Gmail spam filter and email management are also very advanced if you compare with any other email service. The Gmail customization feature is very much useful for advance users. Most of advance user use customization feature whereas Hotmail do not have this type of functionality.

Security is another main issue for email accounts. The security of Gmail is very strong but you can easily recover your account in case you forget password. On the other hand Hotmail account recovery mechanism is very complex sometime the genuine user is unable to regain account access. Gmail regularly verify your personal information by prompting you to validate information. This makes sure that your current information is sync with the email id. Hotmail never revivify your information, this become problem when you want to reset your password. Example: If your mobile number or email id changes that you’re entered during account creation then you cannot regain access of your account. This give Gmail an edge over Hotmail email service.

When you are using email services normally you see various ads whether you are using Gmail or Hotmail. You only see ads according to your interest. Almost all the email services reads emails that you send or receive in order to show you relevant ads. If you send assignment then it may show you assignment help ads. According to email service providers the user need services that they are talking about.