Things To Look Forward When You Are Planning To Rent A Photography Studio

Be it a novice or a professional photography a general consensus would be to shoot in a photography studio. The advanced photography courses might hold you in better stead but when you plan to catch one from scratch it is going to cost you a bomb. At this point of time option of renting a studio comes into play. Though you might not come across a lot of photo studios on rent this trend is slowly gaining considerable momentum. While renting out a studio there are some definite points of consideration that you need to keep in mind


This works out to be the main reason on when you are planning to rent a studio and not purchase one. It does not make a sense if these studios go on to charge a bomb. Without compromising on quality look for a studio that does not charge a bomb. With a right set of facilities anything around Rs 5000 would be a worthy deal.

Lighting system (Pantograph)

A new technique is the photography lighting system whose installation is undertaken on top of the studio roof. Where studio lights are placed pantographs you will come across. The system of cables is completely off and no need to overturn things that happens with a traditional studio set up. Not only this system of lighting is stress free but for your photographs incredible lighting is provided. Most of photography and videography courses suggest this system of lighting.

Elincrom FRX 400

Be it architectural, portrait or landscape photography you cannot overemphasize the need for a flash unit. Elincrom is one of the top notch brands for over 50 years have been creating these bad boys. A studio needs to be well equipped with such facilities if you are having a demanding job at hand. FRX ensures better control, flexibility and versatility to power your best shots.

Make Up Area And Changing Room

If you are opting for a studio for an entire day, chances are that you are going to have a model. Mostly she will carry a set of outfits for a photo shoot. For this reason, a changing room is an absolute necessity and you should not opt for a studio that does not have this basic facility. Ensure that the studio set up has a decent make up area with a mirror and proper lighting system so that a flawless make up is assured without any troubles.

Chroma Background In Combination With Paper Drops (Motorized) Sometimes you might want to improve quality of your photographs by changing background of them. It becomes a necessity to have a Chroma background. After shooting a cake walk a green background would make the task of editing photos a lot easier. It is extremely important to opt for paper backdrops in a variety of colours which means you do have a choice to change the background colour to enhance a subject in a final photograph.